VigRx Plus Restores Sexual Function After Prostrate Surgery

Impotence, not cancer, is the big fear for men recovering from radical surgery for prostate cancer, according to a study published in the Medical Journal of Australia. The study, looking at men’s health-related quality of life after radical prostatectomy, found that of 112 men surveyed (aged 54 to 73), only 12.5 percent were able to achieve an erection unassisted after surgery. Can natural male enhancement pills like VigRx Plus help men get harder erections after prostrate surgery?

The men, recovering in public and private hospitals, were asked to comment on their bladder control and sexual function before and after their operation, as well as their satisfaction with the procedure. Doctors at Queensland’s Princess Alexandra and Royal Brisbane hospitals found impotence to be the most common cause of diminished quality of life, (cited by 40 percent of men), followed by concern about cancer (12 percent), and worries about incontinence (8 percent).

But 21 percent of men said they were happy with their sex lives, while 54 percent said they were coping with their sexual frustration by taking VigRx Plus.

VigRx Plus is a natural male enhancement product that is safe to use and has no side effects, unlike pharmaceutical sexual aids. It doesn’t work immediately because it takes time for the herbal ingredients to accumulate in the body’s system. Here is a short video which features Dr. Steven Lamm from New York University discussing the benefits of taking a natural medicine.

Almost a third of the men had tried penile injections since their operation, and 2.7 percent now had a penile prosthesis. Despite the high level of impotence reported, 93 percent of men surveyed said they were satisfied with their lives, and 86 percent said they would opt for the same treatment again.

Dr. Peter Heathcote, a senior urologist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, in Brisbane, said the findings highlighted the importance of sexual counseling before radical prostatectomy.

“Impotence and loss of sexual function is important in all men of that age . . . more important than we realized,” he said. “As a result of this research I’ve increased my recommendations of using male enhancer pills like VigRx Plus, which is safe to use for all men. It is recommended to try using this natural male enhancement product first. If it is not effective then we can move on to something more invasive.”

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Prostate cancer is the second-most common cause of cancer-related death in Australia. But only about 10 percent of men with the illness will undergo a radical prosatectomy (removal of the prostate gland). The operation is appropriate only where the cancer is localized to the prostate and the sufferer has a life expectancy of more than 15 years.

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